Remaking and recasting ‘Ghostbusters’ today . . .

My friends have talked about this for a long time. We love Ghostbusters. We even love Ghostbusters 2. (Hell, I even loved BOTH versions of the Ghostbusters cartoons when I was a kid).

For years we’ve been waiting for someone – anyone – to do something with the franchise. We love it so much we really don’t care who does what, just so long as something happens.

For a while, we thought there’d be another film – a Ghostbusters 3, if you will. We’d look at Dan Ackroyd’s paunch, Harold Ramis’ flat-out ballooning in ‘As Good As it Gets’ and Bill Murray’s indifference, and we’d still think ‘Hey, it could happen.’

But it wasn’t happening. Time after time scripts and producers and actors were attached, only to fall by the wayside. Ramis had to go and become a ghost himself (ouch – too soon?) and that seemed to really hurt the chances for something in the chronological series to occur.

Then there was the idea to re-cast the movie. I liked that a lot. Just re-cast it and start off with some new guys. You know, like they do with those Hispanic kids in Menudo.

Now, they’ve decided to go with an all-female G-busters. I love it. Let’s go. Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig are reportedly attached. Can we work in Tina Fey and Amy Poehler too? Who knows? I’m just excited this seems to be moving forward.

Anyway, a while ago, when they were thinking of re-casting Ghostbusters, I had an idea of who should play most, if not all, the parts in the first movie. Yes, I know this would be the most expensive movie of all time. But just imagine if we could do this . . .


Ghostbusters recast today

Bill Murray – Vince Vaughn

Dan Akroyd – Paul Rudd

Harold Ramis – Jim Parsons of Big Bang Theory

Ernie Hudson – Craig Robinson (Daryl from The Office)

Sigourney Weaver – Rashida Jones

Rick Moranis – Steve Carell

Annie Potts – Tina Fey

EPA guy – Stephen Colbert

Mayor of NYC – Alec Baldwin

Sigourney’s boyfriend – Owen Wilson

Hot chick in first scene – Kate Upton

Dorky guy in first scene – Michael Cera

College official who fires them – Neil Patrick Harris

Librarian – Amy Poehler

Head librarian – Luke Wilson

Ghost lady – Kristen Wiig

Realtor – Rebel Wilson

Hotel manager – Jason Segel

Man who asks if they’re cosmonauts – Newman from Seinfeld

Doorman – Steve Harvey

Coach driver – John C. Reilly

Hot girl at Rick Moranis’ party – Brooklyn Decker

Guys who shut down the storage facility – Seth Rogen and McLovin

Guy who says the walls were bleeding – Ernie Hudson

His Eminence – Will Ferrell

Gozer – Lady Gaga


– I especially love Lady Gaga as Gozer and Colbert as the EPA guy. That’s inspired.

What do you guys think?