Misc. Journalism

These stories are pretty random – some may have appeared in some publications. Some may have never seen the light of day.



A Sea of Blue: Coach Stoops has done the best SEC coaching job this side of Nick Saban

A Sea of Blue: The 10 recruits I’d get for UK if I was King of the World

94 Feet, Both Ways: New NKU Coach Presents Chaos on the Court


NKU 2015-16 Viewbook

Like Moths to a Flame: Thousands┬áTurn Out for West Virginia’s Annual Mothman Festival

Recasting and remaking Ghostbusters . . .

A Place to Crash: Fear and Laughing From Route 66 to Roswell

The Southern Swede

San Francisco

A Night with the Bravos

Herald editor remembers covering 9-11

I tell the KSR website my story about Granddad and me visiting Ralph Beard

13 Things We Learned While On Vacation

‘We Must Let Her Go’

I interview Frank X Walker for UK


As an Intern:

I was lucky enough (through Jerry Mitchell) to develop a relationship with Pulitzer winner (and bestselling writer) Rick Bragg. In 2004 I traveled to Bragg’s home to serve as an intern and contribute to two bestselling books:

The Most They Ever Had

The Prince of Frogtown