bookI like taking pictures. And I like looking goofy in pictures. And, on occasion, I like doing these things with semi-famous to famous people. (You can see me on Instagram here. Follow me. You won’t be disappointed).



100 Selfies – Here we’ll find selfies with my family, some semi-celebrities, some all-out famous people, and some strangers.


Carrington and Remy! – This one is probably easy to figure out. A gallery of my kiddos! From theirĀ first smiles to birthdays, check out our daughter, as well as the newest addition to the famĀ . . .


Places We’ve Been, Stuff We’ve Seen – Gatlinburg, Michigan, Asheville, Florida, Mississippi, Myrtle Beach, Niagara, London, France, Savannah, Nashville and Indy. Here are some of our best vacation photos, as well as pics from our fave concerts, including Paul McCartney and U2, and some general cool stuff, like pics from Carrington’s first baseball game, where we watched our beloved PRP Panthers win their fifth state championship. Enjoy!


Newspaper fronts – I used to keep these around the house and such. Now I just load them here. Whether it features things I’ve done or things my beloved Wildcats have done, these are some of my favorite newspaper front pages.


Route 66 and Roswell – here are pics from my most recent adventure – a drive down Route 66 to the UFO Festival in Roswell, N.M. Weirdness and fun ensued.


Concerts! – check out pics, setlists and ticket stubs from my favorite shows!


Teams I Love – Here are some random pics, mostly of various teams I love as they celebrate championships and such!


Oldies but Goodies pics – Here’s some old pics of fam and friends. Just have to keep these with me wherever I go.